Return from hiatus

We, well at least I (Slash), will be making  a return to the blog.

Those of you have stuck around for the last week or so, thanks. Those that didn’t, kiss off. Let me bore you with the back story for my lack of updates — 1) I moved into a new apartment and didn’t have internet access for about 2 weeks, 2) My grandfather passed away last week at the age of 94 and 3) my car broke down over the weekend.

A lot of bad things piling on one another. But what kept me smiling most of this time is the play of the Steelers — you know, other than the Cincinnati debacle.

Up next are the Brownies — yum. Love me some of those, especially when filled with weed.

We’ll get to that this week. The emphasis of this shitty post was just to let you know I was back and to not think we flamed out before we even reached midseason. We’re not that lame. And if you haven’t seen it yet today, check out Sean’s interview with Jim Shearer (the man behind Yinz Luv Da Stillers!). Good shit.

Oh yeah, as for Tommy Gun. Maybe he’ll comment on this post and let you all know what’s up. Peace.

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  • Sean

    Thanks for the link. Glad to see that you (well, Slash) is back!

  • Sean

    That should read “you are back.”

  • Chris

    Hmm trying to figure out if they have jumped off the bridge since now we have lost 2 to the Bungles of all teams…


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