Breaking down the polls

Figured I’d finally get to replacing the poll at the right. For about the last two weeks, we’ve been asking which quarterback you thought would finish the season with the most touchdown passes between Big Ben, Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco.

I thought about including a combo choice of Brady Quinn/Derek Anderson in the poll, but cmon. Fuck that.

Your results, after two weeks and 14 (yes, 14!) votes …

Ben Roethlisberger: 7 votes

Joe Flacco: 5 votes

Carson Palmer: 2 votes

This poll is probably skewed, however, thanks to the homer vote here at a Steelers blog, but whatever. I kind of put some thought into this because it kind of is a difficult question to answer. And in all honesty, I forget who I voted for back on day one.

I’m homer as well, though, so it was probably Ben.

Meanwhile, in real life, here’s how this standings look through four weeks of the regular season: Flacco – 8 TDs, Palmer – 6 TDs, Ben 5 TDs.

Yeah, not looking good so far. Keep your eyes open for a new poll soon. Peace.

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  • Mike

    can we count that one that MEMO threw as a ben TD?

  • Alan Smodic

    Nice try, but I don't think so. lol