Fearless predictions

Remember, I’m a pessimist. Take these lightly. Also, almost all of my predictions turn out wrong.

Reports are that Fast Willie is out and Isaac Redman has been placed on the squad. Prediction #1) Redman will have no impact on this game.

#2) Mendenhall will get at least 65 yards rushing and a touchdown.

The defense, which will still be without Troy, will impress. I’m thinking 3.5 sacks between Woodley and Harrison for #3). If the Steelers lose, it won’t be because the defense didn’t show up.

#4) Cotter will bring his “A” game to the live blog.

And keep in mind what I said about my predictions (they are usually wrong, since I know you didn’t remember what I said) before you read the fifth, and final, one. #5) The Steelers will lose.

That being said …

Here we go.

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